Top 5 Best Summer Clothes For Kids

Top 5 Best Summer Clothes For Kids

Luxortrends has launched an all-new section focusing on sustainable clothes for kids. Tad-a-Mamma is our in-house brand, which provides comfort, durability, as well as sustainability in fashion wear for kids. We keep ourselves updated with the dynamic fashion, textures, fabric material, prints and patterns, and various color palettes suited for children.

Today, consumers are looking for something casual yet something class apart for young boys and girls. If you are on the lookout to add a vibe of freedom and vitality to your child’s clothing, your search is over! We have a plethora of fresh prints such as daisies, tropical patterns, animal prints, ornaments, and naturally inspired themes you can choose from and they are totally made from organic cotton

Stock up on these kids clothes as they are ideally designed to keep up with summer months, with 100% ease and style:

  • Airy cotton dresses – The beautiful cotton clothes for kids especially for girl’s in latest design are must buy. Layers and frills look complement little girls and it is super comfortable to wear. Parents and the child both feel free to move around when dressed in it. Your child can accessorize the plain, printed, and even embroidered dresses as per the requirement. We have many options in store for you.
Clothes for kids -Blue Polka Dress
Blue Polka Dress
  • Shorts and cool polo T-shirts/Tees -Dress up young boys in summer clothing in vibrant prints and loose fittings which are ideal for this season. Boys of all ages need a classic shirt, graphic tee, polo t-shirt, checked shirt to complete their wardrobe. When paired with shorts and shoe it make a perfect summer outfit. This pair can be worn at home and even when your kid has places to go to. For girls too, shorts and tees are a perfect match, which can be further customized as per individual taste and preference.
  • Colored pants – Pants both baggy and straight fit are increasingly being worn by young boys and girls. Today, both checked and striped pants are also gaining popularity in kid’s fashion. They give a seamless look when paired with plain colorful U-neck tops. They give a versatile edge to your summer collection.
Colorful Stripes T-shirt with Pastel green Shorts
Colorful Stripes T-shirt with Pastel green Shorts
  • Floral and animal prints – The summer wardrobe for your child is incomplete if you don’t have a printed dress, jumpsuit, or t-shirt, which highlights nature. These prints give a classic and stylish appeal when paired with sweaters, pants, sunglasses, hats and shoe. You can be confident that you won’t go wrong with this look. Even graphics and abstract designs of faces, letters, and numbers are gaining appeal.
  • Lacy Skirts and Coats– Kids need aristocratic classic wear for all seasons. It has its specific requirement depending on the occasion. Bright colors and angular grunge looks outstanding in the fusion wear section. Young girls look adorable in lacy skirts. Opt for coats, dark pair of jeans, and pullovers for a sophisticated style in the boy’s section.
  • Swimwear, Summer Caps, and Sunscreen – The summer months are synonymous with swimming as well as sunscreen. Kids mandatorily a visit the pool or the beach. Tropical vibe prints in form of jumpers and jumpsuits are the look to go with. These outfits when paired with summer caps look gorgeous on your little ones. Choose shades of blue, soap nut, pink, melon, and peach soufflé from our palette range.
  • Tank tops and rompers– Sleeveless tank tops and flowing fabrics are summer essentials for your child’s wardrobe. They are not only comfortable to wear at home but also allow you a breath of freshness. This purchase is ideally suited for home use, as tank tops might not protect your kid from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the scorching sun. Wide armholes, elastic textures, and metallic and neon detailing are indispensable for this season.
Clothes for kids -Blue Polka Dress
Blue Polka Dress
  • Denim Dungarees and shorts –Your child can ace the summer attire by simply wearing Dungarees or printed shorts in denim material. They look extremely stylish when paired with white tees. This combination can never go out of trend and works for all age groups. So when your child has to attend an uncalled summer party, do not think twice and go for this outfit. Boys can also wear Bermuda’s, casual trousers or blue jeans to complete their look, the key lies in choosing the right quality of clothing material.
Blue Stripes Shirt with Dark Blue Shorts- Best Kids Wear
Blue Stripes Shirt with Dark Blue Shorts
  • Retro theme wears – We commonly experience the prevalence of themes in all kids’ parties these days. This fact urgently calls for occasion wear and retro is a common theme. Children today are extremely particular about what they wear when they meet their friends. You can ace in perfecting your child’s retro look by choosing long dresses with colored polka dots scattered all over. The vintage theme is incomplete if it goes unpaired with classic hairbands, footwear, and shoulder bags for young girls. Boys can pair it with bowties, ties, and a regal pair of black shoes.
  •  Linen Wear – Summer months call for some light and soothing to wear. It marks the beginning of pleasant and bright days. The vacation mood is at its peak, especially among children. Therefore, when schools give off for the summers, an outing becomes a must. Be it road trips or simply staying home, linen wear for kids’is the go-to material. We have a varied range from which you can pick something for your child.
Clothes for kids - Colorful Stripes T-shirt with Pastel Pink Skirt
Colorful Stripes T-shirt with Pastel Pink Skirt

We at Luxortrends aim at designing an elegant and comfortable range of clothing for your child. Less is more, is our design philosophy for the in-house brand Tad-a-Mamma. Therefore, our kids wear collection consists of monochromatic, geometric and pastel shades, and bright colors, which children are sure to love. We ensure our fabrics are full proof to guard them against the sun’s rays and not lead to any sort of skin irritation for your child.

Note that to get an extra edge to your child’s clothing and everyday aesthetics all you need is the perfect accessory. For girl’s headbands, scarves, hairpins, and junk jewelry look chic. For boys, you would rather need the perfect shoes, a tie, a bow tie, or maybe an unbuttoned collar too. Evoking health and safety factors in our clothing is of paramount importance to us. We you’re your child to embark on a fashion journey that can be passed down from one generation to the next in line

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