The Ultimate Guide To Different Types Of Fabric

The Ultimate Guide To Different Types Of Fabric

In most common scenarios fabric buying decision depends on the patterns and color of the fabric. These factors alone cannot assure the authenticity of the fabric. One must consider the feel of the fabric when it comes in contact with the skin, see how it behaves during sewing, and the way it drapes and falls against the body. Also, considering the environmental impacts of the fiber such as whether it’s natural fiber or synthetic fiber, woven fabric, or knit fabric. These are some vital points to consider in addition to understanding which fabric type is suited for what purpose, Also whether it’s knit fabric or woven fabric, synthetic fabric or organic like bamboo fabric. We at Luxortrends encourage our customers to test for colorfastness, shrinkage, color, dimension, weather conditions, suitability, and location.

Different Types Of Fabric For Women Wear

Type of Fabric

Silk is a luxurious and beautiful fabric in itself and there are some 50 different types of fabric available in the market. It is great for dressmaking purposes and it is very attractive and lustrous in appearance. When buying taffeta silk one must take note of the thread count as higher thread counts ensure durability and softness of the fabric. Silk fabrics with low thread count are extremely delicate and have to be kept away from moisture. Simply touching this fabric will ensure its authenticity as its smoothness is like no other.

Blue Khadi Chaniya
Blue Khadi Chaniya

Khadi cloth can be differentiated from a machine-spun cloth by the softness and looseness at the ends. It is a natural fabric. Taking a part of the cloth and twisting it in the yarn direction will tell you if the cloth is khadi or not. If threads are tightening then it is khadi. If not then it is mostly handloom. Khadi clothes when held against light are transparent and have a difference in density. Avoid machine wash. The touch test is the most accurate. This fabric is relatively more expensive as it requires labor, time, and expertise of the weavers and spinners.

Lilac Embroidered Dupion Gown
Lilac Embroidered Dupioni Gown

Dupioni Silk is a popular fabric among different types of fabric and is used for making rich women wear. From dresses and ball gowns to suits and heirloom garments, they are used in everything. They are bright and stand out in gatherings. This is 100% silk which is available in 16 different colors. This is premium quality woven from the threads of the double cocoons, which came from the east. In Luxortrends we believe in selling sustainable, pure, and rich quality fabric to all our customers. This fabric is free from creases and wrinkles. The black dots in this fabric which when removed weaken the fabric.

Kurta with Pant Set
Crepe Kurta with Pant

Pure crepe fabric is made using a plain weave and is earmarked with crinkles and a pebbly surface. The folds and ridges on this fabric can be made using various materials. Garments made using it works well for ceremonial functions and grand occasions, as it is delicate in appearance. The lightness and textured appearance make it ideal for designing beautifully airy and flowing garments. Thus, crepe fabric epitomizes class, richness, and style, making it popular among designers and customers. Besides fashion designers, Interior designers too are using this textile fiber for home furnishings.

Organza has decorative and versatile uses among the different types of fabric. This shiny fabric is used in designing wedding dresses and eveningwear. It is also used to decorate homes. This plain fabric is made from silk material and it is light in weight and durable in the long run. The small holes present throughout testify whether the quality is rich or not. The greater the number of holes, the better is the translucent quality. One can design some showstopper outfits from this fabric. The unique features of organza are its thinness, stiffness, transparency, and breathability. It is easily prone to wrinkles and tears in no time.

Floral Fishcut Lehenga Set
Shantoon Silk Lehenga Set

Shantoon silk fabric is known for its irregular ridges and texture. It is increasingly being used for designing flamboyant wedding gowns for the unparalleled look it gives. The elegant fall and drape make it the finest silk fabric and comes with a hefty price tag. The authenticity of the fabric lies in the fact that it uses two separate silk yarns. The first kind of yarn is passed through a rolling machine to ensure a uniform look and the second yarn is kept away from the rolling machine. When this fabric undergoes a chemical treatment it further improves its resistance against fire.

Types of Fabric
Pure Silk Gown

Pure silk is the finest silk you will likely come across. At Luxor Trends we never compromise on the quality and comfort factors. The fabric is made of silk fibers and they are cleaned off properly and no additives are added to it to recover the loss in weight due to cleaning and boiling. The shine of pure silk cannot be copied and it also refracts light and produces colors from varied angles. Simply by touching the fabric and noticing the weaves one can say whether it real or fake. It undoubtedly comes with a high price tag but it’s worth possessing.

The choice of wool fabric depends upon the purpose for which you are buying it. To design a winter coat one should search for a warmer and thicker fabric like faux fur and a lighter fabric for the cooler days. Luxortrends also promotes lighter and airy fabrics for cooler days and traditional coating fabric for skirts and dresses. Before undertaking dressmaking projects one can understand from the weaves, which flock of sheep is it associated to. Merino wool is considered the finest of wool. This in turn reflects the authenticity of the woolen fabric. Wool does not have an adverse impact on the environment and it is 100% biodegradable too.

We have curated with many upcoming brands and designers like linen bloom, Panya organic who specialize in woven and natural fabrics in addition to exhibiting their products for sale on our website. Many designers Kurtis using viscose rayon, cotton fabric, cotton lawn, outdoor fabric, rayon fabric, polyester are in trend. During this process, we have stringently monitored the quality of fabric and dress material they have used and the impact each one has on the environment. We as a brand encourage sustainability concepts among modern customers. Shopping at Luxortrends is a smooth experience as we guarantee hassle-free returns, free shipping, and a secure payment facility. Go through our website for witnessing the latest trends of the fashion industry made available at affordable prices to all our old and new customers.

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