What Are The Fashion Mistakes That Makes You Look Older

What Are The Fashion Mistakes That Makes You Look Older

7 fashion mistakes that have the power to cramp down your style

The fashion industry is evolving continuously and men and woman who wish to ace their look, should follow the mantra to keep it simple and classy. The way you dress leaves an impression on the onlookers so here’s how you can make it worth their time. At LuxorTrends we check these vital factors before making any fashion-related decision to avoid ruining our look and outfit.

Modern fashion philosophy centers on the “less is more” and “sustainability” concepts. Minimalistic and unique fashion comes naturally and it should not be blindly imitated. Thus look no further, listed below are the most noteworthy common fashion mistake that most of us have made in the past and should not repeat in the years ahead of us.

  1. Over-accessorizing or no accessorizing – The biggest fashion mistake made by woman is following extremes by either over-accessorizing or not putting on any accessories. You can only imagine how bad would a woman look if wearing a black skirt with a black bag, black pair of earrings, black shades, and a black scarf. It doesn’t matter if the accessories are purchased from high-end brands or not. Careful selection can help in correcting woman’s fashion mistake of poor accessorizing. We recommend adding a slight color to an otherwise plain dress and in turn, attract your audience. A black dress paired with an orange sling bag looks gorgeous and also gives you an edge over others. The most witnessed men’s fashion mistake is not pairing your outfit with an appropriate accessory.
  2. Not dressing as per your body type – Choice of outfit depends on your body shape. If you are a short and curvy person, then you should go with skinny jeans not a wide pants. The same wide pants when worn by a tall and skinny girl can look amazing. Women fashion mistake like this play a crucial role in their appearance. Pear-shaped women are suggested to wear dress that are slightly voluminous around their torso and highlight their waist with a belt. This evens their body shape and makes it look more proportionate. This fashion sin should be avoided at all costs. Know yourself and clothing items that suit you.
  3. Wearing ill-fitting clothes – Often people tend to ignore whether or not they are wearing properly fitting clothes. It is neither graceful nor professional to wear too small or too large clothes. The outfit in itself can be a fashion statement but it won’t end up looking good on you. The best solution to the fitting-related issue is to try the clothes on before purchasing them. Or else you will not only end up spending money but also get stuck with something that isn’t appealing. Check yourself if you are buying very loose clothes as it will only give you a sloppy appearance. At the same time, don’t end up wearing tight clothes either as it makes you look, wannabe.
  4. Sticking to dull colors or super bling shades – Men’s fashion mistakes most importantly includes the color chosen, men should decide colors of clothes according to the skin tone, like if you have dark tone then light color clothes will go well and if your skin is light go with bright colors. It is wise to know your style, personality, and taste to not make the blunder of dressing inappropriately. Not all men can carry a pink shirt or solid neon tones. It is advised to experiment within limits such that you don’t end up making big fashion mistakes in the process. The aim should be to limit the attention but at the same time not get one with the crowd.
  5. Not dressing as per the occasion makes you out of place – Common fashion mistake includes not dressing as per the occasion, which can be embarrassing. Going for an interview you can wear a solid shirt paired with trousers, pair of formal shoe, nominal accessories and a good hair style. When in doubt it is wiser to call up the host or the company’s receptionist to know what attire would be suitable. These tricks help you in improving your look. All you need to do is add a smart wristwatch to your formal dressing to complete your look.
  6. Not being comfortable in what you wear – No matter what you wear it won’t end up looking nice if you are not confident and comfortable about it. Simple clothes look stunning on people who wear a smile on their face and dressy clothes look dull on those who lack a face glow. The mantra is to feel good about yourself to end up looking good.
  7. Lack of experimentation and creativity in your dressing – If one ends up wearing the same outfit with only a selected range of accessories it ends up looking just the same. This common fashion mistake encourages you to put your creative shoes on and try to make the most from your limited wardrobe collection by going for alternatives and mix and match. Simply splurging on clothes without knowing how to skillfully pair them up is a disadvantage of a shopaholic. All fashion enthusiasts in modern times are choosing to optimize their spending and use it artistically to make heads turn and jaws drop.

We at LuxorTrends are supportive of uplifting the fashion insights of all our shoppers. This list of the biggest fashion mistakes sheds light on the everyday queries and troubles related to the fashion world. Above all one must feel comfortable in what he or she wears as well as carry a bright smile.

The key essentials for making a fashion statement, every day

There is a fine line of difference between looking classing and cramping your look. Showstoppers in the fashion industry and real world don’t necessarily have the best and latest brands. They simply know how to dress well and are unique with whatever they own. Most common women’s fashion mistakes arise from imitating what celebrities and other fashionistas wear.

With the passing of age and fashion-related developments, one must keep abreast with the latest trends that are making it to the cover page. Awareness of fashion and what suits you helps in making wise fashion choices.

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